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Re: Was is really meant to be secret

At 19:46 23/01/02 +0800, Robert Firth wrote:
So, we have a forged talisman based on a possibly
forged book?  There was a story by Michael Innes I
I read a long time ago, about a man who collected
forged poems by a famous forger, and found he had
been sold a forged forgery.

Was "Michael Innes" a pseudonym? :-)

All this brings to (my) mind Caterina Sforza's recipe for "alter[ing] the metallic content of the florin without qualms of conscience". I wonder if there are numismatists who specialise in collecting deliberately debased coinage? (There almost certainly must be!)

Imagine their horror if they found that they had been sold a real coin! :-)

Also note that, according to this history of coin collecting...


.....the Sforza of Milan were avid coin collectors. :-)