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Re: vms <--> english dictinary

Hey Claus, that is fun!

If I may play that game too, here is another "dictionary decoding" of
the VMS, but using the words from Nicholas Culpeper's Herbal (each
assigned to a Voynichese word of same frequency rank):

    # Fun "deciphering" of the VMS
    # Tokens mapped to English by voyn-to-engl-fun.tbl
    # (word lists paired by frequency ranking).
    # Last edited on 2002-01-23 15:15:11 by stolfi

    soaked open or courtesie being stronger oak may remedy sight sory fasten
    it may could directions liver ar?  women women melancholly syaiir ripe
    it used dropsie nois encreasing grapes stone ooiin from woman roloty
    mussilage the which it liquor courses may after pointed feed cowslip =
    ydaraishy = ?  authors ?  may being flowered oydar kind they cumberland
    shodary flux way okchoy bruised vinegar oschy not this gives the serpents
    applying way = not stalk short = ?  bleeding mithridates and they chamomel
    tender yeerly morphew past voices otairin were liquor wisdom sckhey the
    yours sugar gerard tops mollifieth was hard ruptures groweth not foot a
    then bloud also some melancholly root march the choller needs this that
    know a a remedy a many a shodan falling its out help many k?eam beleeve
    excellent apply pouder stop sell root octavius beneficial being hard
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    d?octa words this is not sugar = on him = finger description shokcheey
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    her every are that women time wine every watry use the french grow the
    nourisher black purged green the therfore united ?chol stops by dc?eo way
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    english = tenents buy and shady first brused up yteeay first it ignorance
    fits lkody rhewmatick seed phylosophers together cover together smal
    rag root violent by little corrupted leaves roots sochey count = potoy
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    fall rhenish use being know husband a say a grow seed a the more use a
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    them tops drinks waters groweth otochor for cure a melancholly ytchaiin
    melancholly into palsies quotidian distilled bones unto find root more
    together ornament a melancholly = volubility description square they
    being sprout yksh meal orient recovereth know other upon bruis ague a
    shal not overpressed flowers driveth being ripe the was manner into into
    bounds by good cures whence melancholly olsaiin other needs use good
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    leavs orai?n wil qoka?in without qokai?n shekai?n shkai?n to that qoka?
    quality stalk or for her stayeth ?hcphy common metaphysicks authors ?ty
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    one leavs an ai?n som

All the best,