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Re: inercultural artefact

Jorge Stolfi wrote:

>     > 6. Old Hungarian or Seklerian - in Transylvania, used by Seklers,
>     >            an ethnic group known as "border guards"; oldest
>     >            documents known from 1501; some think it was
>     >            cryptographic
> I have seen the "old hungarian runes" (which look like Norse and Turkic
> runes); but I suppose that Skelerian is something else, right?

Diringer says it "seems" to be derived from those runes (but no

>     > 8. Mongolian - in 1310 it was used for mongolian translations
>     >             of buddhist scriptures and became the basis of
>     >             later Mongolian.
> I saw this one, it didn't ring a bell...

The interesting thing about it is that Diringer says it is
"imprecise", ie. there are the same letters for different 
signs, so that different words are spelt the same. This would
probably affect the copy(-x) stats so interestingly explained
by Jacques?

Best regards,