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Re: Dana's Botany

Hi Dana,

I've just been checking through "The Elixirs of Nostradamus": the introduction mentions three key botanical works:-

Leonard Fuchs (1501-1566). He studied under Reuchlin, BTW. :-)
	"De Historia stirpium commentarii", 900 pages, 511 woodcuts, Basle, 1542
	Also published in German as "New Kreuterbuch", 1543.
	"Each plant's description has seven headings:
		Nomina ('name');
		genera ('characteristics');
		forma ('form');
		locus ('place where it grows');
		tempus ('time');
		temperamentum ('nature and complexion'); and
		vires ('potency and usefulness').
	Austrian National Library (Cat. nos. 11117-25)

Otto Brunfel (1488-1534).
	"Herbarium Vivae Eicones"
	Also published in German as "Contrafayt Kreuterbuch"
		Vol 1: (1532)
		Vol 2: (1537)

Hieronymus Bock ("Tragus") (1498-1554)
	"New Kreuetterbuch...", Strasbourg, 1539
	"The second edition (...1546) contains 465 woodcuts, which are,
	however, often copies of the illustrations appearing in the books of
	Brunfel and Fuchs."

Have you looked at these?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....