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Re: Dana's Botany

Dear Nick,

> I've just been checking through "The Elixirs of Nostradamus": the
> introduction mentions three key botanical works:-

Almost a year ago I posted the message enclosed below. I have
not been able to get hold of the Schmid publication - perhaps
you could look it up in the BL and copy the genealogica tree
of herbals? It might certainly be helpful as without knowing
the relationships of various herbals ("stemmata"), a lot of
time would be spent on checking what are basically the same

Best regards,


-------- copy of 28 FEB 2001 message below -------------

Adam has mentioned ancient/medieval herbals which reminded me
about the "genealogical tree" of herbals reproduced in
_Lexikon des Mittelalters_, vol. 5, col. 1479. 

The reproduction is totally illegible but its source is
given as:

   A. Schmid, Ueber alte Kraeuterbuecher, 1939 [no place]

The bibliography for that entry is almost a full column.
Many titles look promising, eg.: 

   C. Nissen, Die botan. Buchill.: ihre Gesch. und Bibliogr.,
         I-II, 1951 [Neudr. 1966; mit Nachtrag]

Best regards,