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Re: Dana's Botany

Hi Rafal,

Almost a year ago I posted the message enclosed below. I have
not been able to get hold of the Schmid publication - perhaps
you could look it up in the BL and copy the genealogica tree
of herbals? It might certainly be helpful as without knowing
the relationships of various herbals ("stemmata"), a lot of
time would be spent on checking what are basically the same

Sure, this should be no trouble... though I should perhaps point out that I've been told several times that the precise relationships between herbals is frequently a matter of some dispute, so there may not be a definitive answer to be found in many cases (hence the large bibliography). :-/

I plan to make my next British Library trawl during the next 7-10 days, so place your orders now, ladies and gentlemen. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick P.....

Title: Ueber alte Kra¨uterbu¨cher. [With illustrations and plates, and with a ?Stammtafel der Kra¨uterbu¨cher?.]
Title: [Another issue.]. Ueber alte Kra¨uterbu¨cher. (Sonderabdruck aus den ?Schweizer Beitra¨gen zur Buchkunde?.) [With plates.]
Main heading: SCHMID. Alfred. Dr.med.
Publication details: pp. 75. Bern, Leipzig, 1939. 4o.
Shelfmark: 11900.v.24.