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Shockingly besides the point, and frightfully off-topic

but I don't know where to get opinions.

When the constructed-language interest group was
alive, I wrote several satires poking fun at
linguists and linguistics. A few days ago,
I started putting in writing what had been
simmering for a long time: a science-fiction
short story making fun of computer science and
Silicon Valley, and, accessorily, language.

All I'd like to know is: should I bother
hacking away at it?  Because there is no
point in me wasting time which could be better
used (the Easter Island Tablets, the VMS).
After all, there are only 24 hours in a day,
and my allotted time is shrinking at the
rate of one day every 24 hours (yuck!).
There are limits to being off topic, so I won't
post the first page here. But if any of you
would be interested, I'll e-mail it individually,
on one condition; you must answer this question:
"Does it make you want to read the continuation?"

Now I'll go back to cracking the Easter Island tablets,
which, en depit de ce qu'on dit, is quite 
relevant to the VMS.