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Referral By a Friend

Dear Dr. Gillogly --
An old friend of mine, Robert S. Richmond, and I were having a discussion on the Voynich Manuscript, and he noted,
>None of the serious workers on the VMS believes that a single
>word of it has yet been read. I sent you Jorge Stolfi's summary of what is
>known. - To subscribe to the list, write to Jim Gillogly at
Is this a discussion-by-e-mail digest?  I'm not heavily into what my friend refers to as "the VMS," but I'd be at least interested in finding out what the latest speculations are.
Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.
P.S.: Are you the James J. Gillogly who cracked the cipher written by Robert H. Thouless based on the keywords black and beauty?  I ask because the accompany picture showed the cryptanalyst who'd done so holding a Captain Midnight Mystery Dial Code-O-Graph, and that radio show is one of my specialties.