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Re: Possible alternate lines (Reintroducing myself)

From: Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Apart from your observation about alternate lines appearing slightly
cramped in the biological section (they certainly do), have you found any
other support for the idea that some pages could have been written in two
(alternate line) passes?

If the two sets of alternate lines on a page have different statistical
profiles, it could well be that each set has its own cipher or codebook...

I am going entirely by the appearance of the page in suggesting this. Subjectively, I can't detect any difference between the language of odd and even lines. They are both language B: indeed they are both the same subset of language B, distinguished from Herbal B by the almost complete absence of words ending in '-ody'. I am stating an impression here: I will collect statistics some time.

Philip Neal

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