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Re: qokeey (Transition between languages A and B)

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From: "Philip Neal" <philipneal_vms@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 10:24 AM
Subject: Re: qokeey (Transition between languages A and B)

> To John Grove
> I was relying on the paragraphs given in the EVMT transcription. I
> have recently sent off for my own copyflo and will take a new look at
> the appearance of the page when it arrives. However, the clustered
> distribution of qokeey identified by Rene would stand out even if you
> divided folios 103-116 into arbitrary sections such as blocks of 10 lines.

Agreed, the distribution will look pretty good I think when you divide it by
paragraphs indicated
by the stars. As it is, the list you sent pretty much matches most pages as
is. Just the few that I sent
in the last message didn't line up. The 13/14 qokeey for example are spread
over numerous (star-based) paragraphs
rather than one large paragraph.

As for the colours and style of the stars... as with all the graphics in the
VMS we can assume they were
a> original as is
b> original line drawings with colours added later
c> original line drawings with internal circles and colours added later
d> not original at all
e> meaningless decoration
f> paragraph and sub-paragraph markers
g> or some combination of above

I like to assume that any information that is provided in the VMS is
original until 'proven' otherwise. Colour, doodles, castles, clothing,
plants, stars, zodiacs, barrels, birds, bathtubs... etc all provide
information - perhaps mis-information, but I'm not going to toss any of it
away on the assumption it doesn't belong.

Unlike the tepenecz signature - most of these things are quite visible.
Whether they carry intelligence or not is yet to be determined and shouldn't
be excluded as noise. Rather, hypothesize what purpose they could serve -
and try to prove/disprove it...