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RE: Gallows G characters

    I've been biased into using these as
indicators that a new paragraph
has started - 100% of the time, not 81.36%.
Although some paragraphs
may not seem to be separated, I think it is a
fairly safe bet to say that
the f/p gallows occur on all initial lines (of a

    Now, whether all initial lines have an f/p -
I'm not sure. The line/page
initial character however seems to possess even
more value... 25% of the
f/p's themselves are first character on a page. As
a result of this single
gallows on the first word of a page - that word
becomes a one-time token.


That's very interesting....  The system I'm using
to check for probable words has to be reversed on
the G pages I've pulled things out of.  I'm
wondering if it actually reverses every time it
hits a G character?

We have three basics here, the G, the H, and the K
gallows.  (I chose these identifications because
they sort of look like the characters).  K is my
standard system, which does not work on an H page,
but works on a G page reversed.

So if K is the standard direction, and G is the
reverse of the K, what is an H, and what is its
reverse character?

  I think we're getting somewhere.  This might
explain much as a matter of fact.  Thanks!