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Re: Gallows G characters

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From: "GC" <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 6:57 PM
Subject: RE: Gallows G characters
> That's very interesting....  The system I'm using
> to check for probable words has to be reversed on
> the G pages I've pulled things out of.  I'm
> wondering if it actually reverses every time it
> hits a G character?
> We have three basics here, the G, the H, and the K
> gallows.  (I chose these identifications because
> they sort of look like the characters).  K is my
> standard system, which does not work on an H page,
> but works on a G page reversed.
> So if K is the standard direction, and G is the
> reverse of the K, what is an H, and what is its
> reverse character?
>   I think we're getting somewhere.  This might
> explain much as a matter of fact.  Thanks!

    Glad I could be of help... I know you protest EVA, but the one benefit
of it is that everyone can understand which characters you are referring
to.. I follow that your G gallows are either one of the f/p gallows, and
your H must be either of the t/k gallows -- But I can't guess what a K
gallows is then...

    I also have to ask - even though they are very rare -- what of split
gallows? EVA doesn't handle them well either - as they aren't easy to
transliterated or describe as a separate entity because they make long
strides over several characters...

    We also have the gallows populating stand-alone labels -- assumption
notwithstanding that they are labels. The vast majority of stand-alone
'words' begin with 'o' and a gallows.