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Re: Starting Points for circle diagrams

hi all & GC :-)     [FOLD_ing a 3 3 9 Circle?] 

START (at least on f57v) - consider 3 o'clock or EAST etc..

My Round peg in a ~Square Hole?~ theory?

FOLDING_ing a CIRCLE (hummmm) - one would need a 'pointer' to start I
(too also) assume! no duplite _not intended_ in (too also) there, but
a duplite is there all the same... [as in "too also= fold fold"].

Check out the "circle(s)" in f57v  

I start in the CENTER of every GIF (picture) and work outwardly
(usually, myself*) ... HERE is the (DOT in Start) "circle of LIFE" as
mentioned for the geno-MAP (85+++), also we have a very credible
rendition (shape) of the "MAP" 3 x 3 rosette (circles) in the 'cloud'
like beginning of the life/cycle/circle - Then we see 4 ~figures~
(winter/spring/fall/winter?)? I think maybe NOT!, EAST holds the EGG! 
3 o'clock WINS here ... but what of the outer circles? 

Looking at the "3rd" (3 3 9) circle - I find it intersesting to note
that an ES's "STARTing" character (eva t) is at 12 o'clock HERE!

"(sic)/Quadruplingy" it's MORE Interesting that:

It is ALSO at 3, 6, 9 o'clock too - very nice for a (_CIRCLE_)?

But how to *FOLD IT* and where to start??? 

thinknig: 3 3 9 

If one moves out to the "3rd circle", we notice it is x4 redundant in
vms text: (with 1 exception at "3" o'clock (east?))

so in eva " yc?old(143)vx(137?)mf(169)"t"(")?(214) etc..etc..etc.."

wraps ALL around this "3rd" circle perfectly, (EXCEPT 3 oclock) on the
3rd ring..
the eva "t" is 12 o'clock 3,6, and 9 etc.. 

The only ODD man(s) out (2 characters) are 2 characters BEFORE the eva
t here... There is no "eva equivalent that I can find" (sigh) but they
BOTH look like a ~twisted hair pins~ leaning rightwardly 45 degrees?
.... see them? 

?Anyway?, the 3 o'clock holds THIS set of "Twisted.PINS" on the 3rd 
and no where else on this page, AND the "3" o'clock female holds an
"(Life)EGG" in her hand!!!

At least for Folding the Circle (f57v) I vote EAST (3 o'clock) is the
START of this Circle! Rising sun/son? / winner>?>Life

Best to you & yours
steve (still FOLDINGing everything (3 3 9) - sorry :-( ekwall
PS the Twisted hair pins (bobbypins?) are all that is different at 3'  
I find this interesting.....but will admit the HAIR growth of
12male/3female 6male/9female of the figures - could suggest "seasons"
- but SEE (she) who holds the winning EGG/life?

Every circle has a START!, BUT a Circle has NO END! 
ref: the "MAP CENTER" f85+++ of a [squared] circle etc -=se=-

This ~crazy?~ loop.de.looping is part of the ES MIRROR!!

THIS (f57v) should read out (circularly) 3,6,9,12 - 3,6,9,12 etc..


 Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:07:51 -0600
 From: GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: "Voynich@Rand. Org" <voynich@xxxxxxxx>
 Subject: Starting Points for circle diagrams
 I've been looking through several books on
 astrology, many with circles and volvelles
 explaining the months and the zodiac.  In all
 these there seems to be something lacking.
 These are written in natural language, and each
 time the author sees no need to mark a starting
 point for circular text.  On the other hand, the
 Voynich author always needs to mark the starting
 place.  It seems that in natural language, the eye
 is able to find the beginning on the text, while
 in the Voynich system it is absolutely necessary
 to point out where the text begins.  Why would he
 need to do this if it were written in language?