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Beinecke MS 337

Beinecke has informed me that they are at least 3
months backlogged in orders for copyflo and
images, so it will be some time before I can
compare the zodiac drawings in the VMS with those
of MS 337.  There is one page available in the
photo-negative search engine (keyword Bosco),
enough to tell that the secretary script on 116v
is not in Anthony Ascham's hand.

One of the oddities I've been searching for is the
Sagittarius drawing, where the archer is depicted
as a man and not as a man-animal.  To date I have
not discovered any similar representation.
(Anthony and his brother were heavy into archery,
and Roger Ascham also wrote a book on the

Akin to Nick's notion of a map, there is one
included in MS 337:

"a large fold out map with composite drawing that
incoporates the preceding
geographical locations in Europe, and tables; 17.
f. 58r-v  aphrica; 18.  f.
58v-60r  asia; 19.  f. 61 a large fold out map
with composite drawing of the
earth, on verso."

If nothing else, this manuscript gives a very good
idea of what the course of education included for
an "herbal astrologer" such as Anthony, and this
course of education is entirely consistent with
the apparent content of the Voynich.