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Re: Octavo

Bruce Grant writes:
> Whatever happened to the plan to have Octavo photograph the VMS?
> (There was an interesting story on NPR yesterday about their photographing of a
> copy of the Guttenburg Bible.)

 Yeah, I heard that - Cool Beans!

 Anyways, the dish was that it would cost somewhere between $50 - $75 a
page for Octavo to film the Voynich. Doesn't sound too steep - I'm good
for several pages, at that price.

 However, Yale's Beinecke Library would have to be willing to send the
Voynich down to Octavo's Imaging Facility at the Library of Congress. 

 Any further word from Yale on the subject? And what ever became of the
'Angel' interested in publishing the VMS?

All the Best,

~ Khem Caigan