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Re: Octavo

On Feb 23, 21:44, Khem Caigan wrote:

> Subject: Re: Octavo
> Bruce Grant writes:
> > 
> > Whatever happened to the plan to have Octavo photograph the VMS?

>  Anyways, the dish was that it would cost somewhere between $50 - $75 a
> page for Octavo to film the Voynich. Doesn't sound too steep - I'm good
> for several pages, at that price.
>  However, Yale's Beinecke Library would have to be willing to send the
> Voynich down to Octavo's Imaging Facility at the Library of Congress. 

This is a sticking point indeed.  I'm pretty sure the library would
require any such borrower to insure the MS, which would raise the

>  Any further word from Yale on the subject? And what ever became of the
> 'Angel' interested in publishing the VMS?

If you mean the proposed donation by a friend of Mark Perakh's,
funding a digital photocopy of the VMS: the proposal is still
alive, and creeps along very slowly.  I expect some sort of
resolution of the uncertainty in the next few months.


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