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RE: Folio 57v & phebelabia...

Hi everyone,

Another quick observation about f57v: if you really, *really* enhance the contrast and intensity, and look at the second blank ring in from the outside, there appear (to my eyes, at least) to be some very tiny, very faint astrological symbols there:-

	(approx hour)	(planet)
	10.30		Saturn
	11.45		Venus  (and possibly Mars conjunct, just to the left of it)
	4.00		Jupiter
	9.00		Moon
	9.45		Sun

However, these are all right at the edge of what can be resolved from the best JPGs we have, and may simply be Rorschach projection on my part (though, naturally, I'd like to think not) - but note that they're simply too faint to be discernible on the CopyFlo at all.

Still, I'd be the first to admit that we'd need significantly better scans in order to determine if things like these exist or not - but if they do, we may be able to derive a date from the relationship between the planets.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: an unrelated point, but I thought I'd mention it before I forgot it - when I showed the tiny letters & numbers in some of the plant illustrations in folio 1 to Philip Neal, he suggested that perhaps these were directions the illustrator gave to the painter - ie, somewhere between Pantone and painting-by-numbers (but probably towards the latter end).