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RE: Chen Dongtian

On first sight, this hanzi looks more similar, but look at the connection of
downgoing curved stroked: they touch at the horizontal stroke and are not
apart as in the "condor/vulture".
At second thought, this Hanzi is so rare, I doubt that someone saw is
And look at the "winter" sign: the curved strokes are more apart.
But where are the missing strokes?

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	On 26 Feb 2002 at 1:20, Jorge Stolfi wrote:

	> However, turn the page upside down, so that the binding is on the
	> right side (as in a modern Chinese book 8-). Those two symbols now
	> look vaguely similar to Chinese characters -- more precisely, to
	> Chinese characters copied by someone thoroughly illiterate in
	> as one occasionally sees in Western comic books.

	This seems a closer match to me (althought still upside down).