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RE: Transliteration--Re: Gallows G characters

Hi everyone,

This means that those who lean toward
cipher are laboring under an inefficient and
misleading system of notation - for their specific
purpose - and for those who've joined the fun
within the last year or so, the knowledge of
Currier and other transcription systems more
descriptive than EVA is almost completely lost.

Anyone with sufficient skill to mount a deciphering assault via code should find it easy to add a suitable text-replacement preprocessing stage to remap EVA into their preferred final notation - and in the context of a devious cipher alphabet that (I believe) was designed to hide the final notation (and hence the underlying alphabet) from view, this is a good thing.

For example, I'm not comfortable about signing up to any final-notation scheme where EVA "ain" = EVA "aiin" = EVA "aiiin", because my (current) belief is that these are different numbers.

However, the real objection to EVA (and this would be just as true of other representations) is that we can't (presently) use it on-list to debate our ideas properly.

Rather than simply guess, can we take a poll to find out how many people on-list are *unable* to receive HTML mail? Also: can someone say how many list members there are in total?

Perhaps we should be looking at the imminent need to move the list as a provocation to spur us to find a more effective way of communicating. :-)

Cheers, ......Nick Pelling.....