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VMs: New mailing list address -- possibly short-term

Executive summary:
   Send mail to voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx .
   Report bad addresses to voynich-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or jim@xxxxxxx .


The American Cryptogram Association has been kind enough to allow us to
site the Voynich Ms. mailing list at their (virtual) host cryptogram.org.
You can send mail for the list to voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and requests
for addition or deletion to voynich-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (or to jim@xxxxxxx
as usual, if you prefer).

The site is hosted by Earthlink, and provides only the very basic service
of forwarding mail.  When we were sited at RAND we also received some virus
protection -- perhaps three or four virus-laden messages were blocked within
the last three months.  This won't get all of them, of course.  Thus I'd
like to remind members that we prefer to keep this an all-ascii mailing list:
no attachments, no HTML, no in-line pictures.  If you have things to share,
please find a website or FTP site for them and mail us the pointer.

There are several other possibilities that offer more flexibility, and I
(and hopefully you) will look into these after the pressure of moving out
by Friday is over.  In particular:

- John Grove has offered a Majordomo list setup that can be managed by email.
  This would have the advantage that people could add and delete themselves.
  I don't know how/whether it handles virus and spam protection.

- Osmar Jardim suggests having the list hosted at TOPICA.  I'll look into
  this further.

- Khem Caigan suggests moving the list to Yahoogroups.  This looks like it
  would have everything we need, but it's financed by ads.  Please let me
  know whether you think having ads attached to each message would be a
  show-stopper for you.

Please let me know about any bounced mail you get from voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
but don't bother telling me about bounces from voynich@xxxxxxxx, since I no
longer have write permission on that list.
	Jim Gillogly
	Trewesday, 13 Rethe S.R. 2002, 21:53, 10 Ix 12 Kayab, Fifth Lord of Night