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VMs: Re: Rosettes - pointers to center

Hi Dennis & all :-) 

Yes, the "mushroom cap" area is what I was calling the Folded four (4)
area... IF it is indeed "DEATH/DEAD Cell(s)" then it wouldn't or could
never bridge to the CENTER (LIFE Cell). That Rosette is awfully full
of NON continuity shapes as compared to the others.. as if aborted
etc.. ? Closed off now to life-cycle as it were.

Best to all
steve (just another thought?) ekwall


 Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:24:51 -0600
 From: Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>
 To: Voynich Ms. mailing list <voynich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: VMs:  Rosettes - pointers to center
 	Purely FWIW.  Of the four structures that point
 towards the center of the rosette page - the two
 volcanoes, the organ pipes, and the mushroom cap -
 those that have openings, the volcanoes and the organ
 pipes - all have a Voynichese word issuing from them. 
 It may be faint, but it's there.  Since the mushroom
 cap has no opening, there is no word there.