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VMs: Re: Trivia (4)

 --- Petr Kazil wrote:
 > D) The last time a Dutchman borrowed Brumbaugh
 > the Royal Library was
 > in 1997. He lives in Amsterdam. He left the paper
 > label in the book, so now
 > I have his address :-)
 Since the Voylist has always been strong in long
 shots, how about this one:
 was it Anton Haakman?
 (But there's also a list member in A'dam IIRC).
 His book is worth reading by any Voynich
 It has only appeared in Dutch and Italian, but I
 strongly suspect that you can read the former :-)
  "Anton Haakman, de onderaardse wereld van
   Athanasius Kircher, Meulenhoff, 1991, '92, '98
   (= Il mondo sotteraneo di Atanasio Kircher)"
 It's a novel, but in the beginning it has the
 phrase: "geen enkele gelijkenis met bestaande
 personen of zaken is toevallig" (not a single
 similarity with existing persons or facts is 
 coincidental). The "hero" of the book, one 
 Commendatore Beck, is someone who is really
 called Olaf Hein, and who I managed to contact
 once, but he was very elusive. And he turned out
 not to be the Kircher expert I was hoping for.
 For me, the book was an eerie read.
 Cheers, Rene

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