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VMs: Some interesting pictures added + some details

I have added some new pictures on my website

The missing quarter of my Kraus scan f85/86 is there. And:
A possible nymph
Examples of spires - I still suspect a N-European influence
An interesting star disk
Two examples of T-O maps

I talked with an old acquaintance from Prague, Milan Kodejs, who is a
manuscript restorer / copier and who has many acquaintances at the Prague
libraries. He is willing to examine some of my copies of the VMS and pnder
any connections. I can't promise any results though. He had never heard
about the VMS before. ( He is good - for example the copies of Commenius
manuscripts that are exhibited in Naarden were made by him. And I have a
very nice "Mandragora" page from Mattioli that looks just like the
original. )

I leaved through stacks of old dusty books in the Royal Art Academy in the
Hague (it's around the corner where I work) and I found some more factoids:

These are predictable:
- No swallow-tails in the "Tres Riches Heures"
- Several swallow tails in old Italian manuscripts
- No swallow tails in German or Spanish manuscripts
- No round towers in Italian manuscripts

But these are more interesting:
- I saw an illustration from "De Civitate Dei" by St. Augustin (english OK?)
which showed a rosette-like city/plaza that was divided into segments by
walls. There may be lots of philosophical - alchemistic - allegoric world
models that we never thought about ...
- I saw repetitive ornaments on old Italian maiolica (it's with an "i"
indeed) that looks like some patterns in f85/86, I didn't see the same
ornaments on German or Spanish ceramics.

Is there any theory why this specific picture is missing from the VMS - you
know the picture with a human figure and zodiac-signs that are connected to
parts of the body. It's in Paracelsus and now I even saw it in the "Tres
Riches Heures". It's strange that it isn't in the VMS ...

I have written a perl script that looks for keywords in the mailing-list
archive and extracts all the old messages that contain the keywords (like:
f86, rosette or necronomicon). This way I hope to avoid re-inventing the
wheel all the time. I have found tons of information for my f85/86-project
that I will exploit shamelessly  :-)

Petr Kazil - Urban Adventure in Rotterdam