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VMs: Re: Some interesting pictures added + some details

Hi Petr,

- I saw repetitive ornaments on old Italian maiolica (it's with an "i"
indeed) that looks like some patterns in f85/86, I didn't see the same
ornaments on German or Spanish ceramics.

You can date Italian maiolica by this! Simplistically:
1400-1450 geometric/Islamic (and single colour blue)
1450-1480 things gradually became more complex (yellow gets introduced)
1480-1500 (as competition between maiolica manufacturers heats up) faces added, etc
1500+ istorico - incredibly complex historical & allegorical scenes

However, using this to date the VMS as a whole may not be helpful, as each section probably has its own date - herbal, pharma, balneological, etc. Just so you know. :-)

Is there any theory why this specific picture is missing from the VMS - you
know the picture with a human figure and zodiac-signs that are connected to
parts of the body. It's in Paracelsus and now I even saw it in the "Tres
Riches Heures". It's strange that it isn't in the VMS ...

This is the "zodiac man", which - with the uroscopy charts - form standard features of physician's folding calendars of the 15th century.

This gives rise to three interpretations:
(1) the missing folios included this kind of thing
(2) the missing folios could have included them, but didn't
(3) the missing folios couldn't have included them, as the VMs weren't a physicians' folding calendar.

I'm working on a paper covering exactly this kind of thing - will post fairly shortly. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....