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VMs: Does anyone have the color pictures of f85/f86 ?

I find this message in the list archive.
Does anyone still have these color pictures?
I would dearly like to see them:

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Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 14:12:32 -0600
From: Dennis <ixohoxi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Color VMs Images

Here are all the published color VMs images that I know of.    
All the ones on my website I've already mentioned in other posts. 
Because of copyright issues, I will only leave the ones on my website up
for a couple more weeks.  So get them while you can! 

        On my site.  These come from:

Smythe, Frank.  "A Script Full of Secrets" and "The Uncrackable Code" in
<i>Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time: The Unexplained</i>, pp. 3062-3069.
H. S. Stuttman, Inc., Westport, Connecticut, USA.  Copyright 1992 by
Orbis Publishing,
Inc.  [Originally published in <i>The Unexplained</i> in the UK.  Has
color images of f16v, f17r, f33v,
f34r, f68r1, f69r, the bottom six of the nine rosettes in f85/86, f83v,
f84r, and a detail of f78r.]

        The bottom six rosettes from f85/86:


    Closeups of each rosette, beginning at the bottom left and moving

Enjoy! Dennis

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