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VMs: Trivia - Dr. Dee's heritage ...

I got this link through "About  Paranormal" which is a fun mailing list to
subscribe to. Having just read the scientific book "Dr. Dee's conversations
with Angels" (I cite from memory) this website sounded strangely familiar:

Introduction to Automatic Writing

Some excerpts:

Automatic writing is spirit-directed writing, where an entity from another
realm is believed to bring messages to earth through the use of a writing
implement. It has also been referred to as scrying. In most cases, the
"automatic writer" is in a trance-like state when the event takes place, and
cannot remember what was written.

Messages obtained through automatic writing are often not immediately
comprehensible. Sometimes, the message is in a foreign language or contains
foreign words. However, this provides excellent proof of authenticity that
may dispel some skeptics. Many skeptics do not believe that a spirit is
communicating. However, if the writer has never before spoken, written or
understood German, and the scrying session is in German, then what other
explanations are available?

Automatic writers do not usually scry in their own handwriting or writing
style. As well, the choice of words and the syntax arrangement of the
message can be quite unusual. Sometimes the structure of the message
resembles the language that was spoken during Elizabethan times. Often the
words come out so quickly that the message contains improper grammar, no
punctuation and no spacing between words. This technique is not restricted
to just words, as pictures and symbols can also be a part of the message.

Anyone can try automatic writing, but proper care must be exercised. Before
starting, pray for your own personal protection and ask that harm come to no
one. After you finish, do something physical to ground yourself.


PS: If I shouldn't clutter the list with messages like these then please
tell me. Maybe I'm too fond of amusing nonsense. (But I'm serious about my
little bit of VMS research, really ...)

PPS: It might be useful to try this and then see what kind of statistics the
automatic text has. I might even be willing to try it for that purpose. If
more member would try we might analyze the differences and compare them with
the VMS statistics ... Or am I ranting now ?

Petr Kazil - Urban Adventure in Rotterdam