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VMs: Re: V-shaped battlements


  Thank for pursuing further this complicated investigation. Hopefully, the VMS
picture will become clearer as new stones are upturned. Bon voyage.

Dana Scott

Petr Kazil wrote:

> Thanks Dana for your links. I experimented further on the path you started.
> Looking for "ghibelline merlons" on google gives a long nice list of castles
> and other buildings.
> I'm still looking at te new data.
> Also some in Slovenia. This is a very nice castle in Ivrea:
> http://www.itis.ivrea.alpcom.it/progetti/castello/images/immagine13.htm

Yes, this is a nice castle. I sense that the Ghibelline merlon list of castles
may grow very quickly.

> I'm still looking for a nice historic explanation of the geographic spread
> of these castles. It was "North Italy" now it seems more like "The
> south-eastern shore of the mediterranean".
> Greetings, Petr.