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VMs: Re: Liber Floridus, Opicinus, Crypto speculation and John Dee

A lot of rosette-like diagrams from Opicinus' codex are decorated with the
"calendrical letters" that repeat all around the rosette (sic: a b c d e f g
a b c d e f g ...). One of the VMS pictures at Beinecke has a similar
repeating pattern, but here the pattern is 17 characters long. Just a wild
guess: 7 characters for the week days + 10 digits ?

The one thing that points most strongly to the VMS being the product of madness is the multitude of different numbering schemes and structures that underlies the diagrams.

And yet the thirty stars/nymphs per sign is just about the best structured thing in the VMS!

So: please be *very* careful when trying to infer things from numbers of things in there! :-/