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VMs: Re: Liber Floridus, Opicinus, Crypto speculation and John Dee

> And yet the thirty stars/nymphs per sign is just about the best structured
> thing in the VMS!

I don't get this one. You mean the rest is *much less* structured ?

> So: please be *very* careful when trying to infer things from numbers of
> things in there! :-/

Well it was just a coincidence I saw and 17 is such an uncommon number. I
have no real hopes of solving anything. I'll go back to my reading of
secondary VMS-literature ... anything I can do to delay learning the Voynich
script and the transliterations is most welcome :-)

BTW: Anyone tried to order d'Imperio's book lately? Amazon says it's
availably but my (trusty) bookstore says it's definitely out of print. And
there is *not one* copy in all the Dutch libraries! I would like to know
what she writes about the castle.

BTW: I found this description of the VMS very funny:

>>  The Voynich (...) could be either a magickal grimiore or a gardening
guide, because no one has come up with a definitive crack of the cipher, if
it even is a cipher and not just random scrawling.<<

Personally I'm in favour of the "gardening guide" theory. Greetings, Petr