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VMs: D'Imperio

--- Petr Kazil <kazil@xxxxxxxxxx> asked:

> BTW: Anyone tried to order d'Imperio's book lately?
> Amazon says it's
> availably but my (trusty) bookstore says it's
> definitely out of print. And
> there is *not one* copy in all the Dutch libraries!
> I would like to know
> what she writes about the castle.

Amazon might work or it might not, but I agree that 
no library is likely to have it. In any case, by sheer
coincidence I got a flyer from Aegean Park press
in the post last week, and therefore I can report
that it can be ordered for US$ 20,80. 
The item number is C-27. Postage for air-mail outside
the US of A is quite hefty ($16).
Best check their web site www.aegeanparkpress.com

The book is a must-have, even though you might
be a little bit disappointed after a first read.
It gets better after re-reads, but now, 25 years after
was printed, there is a wealth of information on the
internet (and in the mailing list archives) which
you might find more interesting on the whole.

No, she only mentions the castle as being there - 
no further information.

Cheers, Rene

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