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VMs: Re: Liber Floridus, Opicinus, Crypto speculation and John Dee

At 23:06 14/04/02 +0200, Petr Kazil wrote:
> And yet the thirty stars/nymphs per sign is just about the best structured
> thing in the VMS!

I don't get this one. You mean the rest is *much less* structured ?

Essentially: if you can form a number-based hypothesis based on the contents of any of the VMS' cosmological diagrams that doesn't break down on the very next page (or even elsewhere on the same page), you're doing very, very well! :-/

And there is *not one* copy in all the Dutch libraries! I would like to know
what she writes about the castle.

Not a great deal, IIRC. :-|

FWIW, D'Imperio did think that the VMS could probably be placed and dated based on the hats, tiaras and head-dresses on the nymphs, though - which I certainly believe is true (and currently unchecked, despite my wife being a milliner). :-)