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VMs: Baresch news report

I have just come back from Warsaw where - having some time - I went
to a library which I had known had what is the best monograph
on Marci, namely:

      Servit, Z.: Jan Marek Marci z Kronlandu, zapomenuty 
                  zakladatel fyziologie a mediciny, Bratislava  1989

I had little time - and the book has no index - but paging through
it I have spotted some interesting information, which I am
immediately passing on to the Group:

1. On p. 49 there is a very interesting mention of our (and Marci's)
   elusive friend: "For many years Marek's close friend was
   Jiri Bares (Georgius Barschius), experienced chemist (rerum
   chemicarum peritissimus), from whom Jan Marek often obtained
   valuable information in this field. Bares after his death
   gave to Marci the collection of his notes and observations, as
   well as his chemical library. Marek wrote about it in his
   _Philosophia vetus restituta_ (p. 280)."

   The book in question is:

        [Pan ek Pantôn] seu philosophia vetus restituta. 
        Prague, Typis Academici, 1662

   Perhaps there is a copy in the British Library or other
   available to someone - it is just a matter of checking
   page 280 (alternatively, a copy can be bought on-line
   at US$ 4,800)?

   It seems to indicate that Baresch had already died by 1662.
   And that he was indeed a real person...

2. On p. 52 there is something about VMS - but it appears
   that Servit knew only what was in Newbold (whom he quotes)
   and does not link Bares to VMS. He also says that
   Marci's valuable library was inherited by his son Jan Ludwik
   but it is not known what happened to it later. 
   "It is only known that a year before his death he sent
   to Athanasius Kircher one of the most valuable manuscripts
   from this collection, the so called _Cabalistic manuscript
   of Roger Bacon_. As it appears from the letter by G. A. Kinner
   to Athanasius Kircher of 5 January 1667 (Carteggio Kircher,
   Roma, VIII, fol. 150), it was probably in 1666." [and then
   a few lines based on Newbold, including a suggestion that
   Marci may have obtained it via his brother-in-law
   Dionisius Misseroni]

   I can't remember if we have the above letter by Kinner?

3. On p. 57 Servit says that at the end of his life Marci has
   problems with sight and memory (as he says in one of
   his letters - "corruptis oculis et infirmata memoria").
   "Still in 1665 or at the beginning of 1666 he sends
   the Roger Bacon manuscript to Kircher with a cover letter
   which does not exhibit any intelectual deficiencies.
   Comparing it to other of his letters, it even seems that he
   wrote it in his own hand (but it could only be proved with
   proper graphological analysis). At the end of 1666 he 
   made his last will but could not sign it because of weak
   sight." [it was signed only by 3 witnesses - 2 professors
   of the medical faculty and one lawyer]

Best regards,