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VMs: Re: Baresch news report

The book in question is:

        [Pan ek Pantôn] seu philosophia vetus restituta.
        Prague, Typis Academici, 1662

   Perhaps there is a copy in the British Library or other
   available to someone - it is just a matter of checking
   page 280 (alternatively, a copy can be bought on-line
   at US$ 4,800)?

The British Library has 8 books published by Typis Academy, but not this one and none before 1700 (it would appear). :-(

None of the 50 other UK-based research libraries I queried came up with any plausible-looking responses either. :-(

Anyway, if we could buy page 280 on its own, it shouldn't be much more than $17 or so, right? :-)