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VMs: Re: Baresch, Marci & (G.A.) Kinner

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> This letter has a real gem!!! (Thanks Gabriel
> for sending the link).
> Kinner writes (in 1667) that Marci had been asking
> if the 'Oedipus' (i.e. Kircher) had already
> succeeded in deciphering that mysterious
> book which he had sent to Kicher the year before
> (i.e. 1666) via a (or the) provincial father.
> There's a bit more which I cannot read.

It says "P. Prouincialem" which I would interpret
as "Father Provincial", i.e. *the* head of the Bohemian
province of the Soc. Jes. It is, therefore, another clue -
and I think it should be easy to find out who
the Provincial was at that time and thus who carried
the VMS to Rome. 

Best regards,