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VMs: Philosophia vetus restituta & Baresch

Well, what can I say...

the book is right here in Darmstadt and it must
be the one I've looked at a couple of years
I just ordered it on-line for the reading room.
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

I just let you know to avoid lots of people starting
to plan driving around bays in search of the same

There's still more about Baresch to be found out.
John Fletcher writes in one of his articles:
"Baresch visited Kircher in Rome and on his
return praised Kircher's opera ingeniosissima"
Then Fletcher refers to the Baresch letter that
we have. However, this text is not in it, so it
must be in another letter, almost certainly(?) one
from Marci.
This article, by the way, is available in HTML
form, but it would be an infringement of copyright
to publish it on the internet. I'll E-mail 
individual copies to anyone interested.
"Johann Marcus Marci writes to Athanasius Kircher"
in an old issue of "Janus".

Cheers, Rene
Cheers, Rene

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