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VMs: Re: Baresch news report

--- Luis Vélez <legal1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here is the biblio-reference (unless I am wrong,
> since this could be a
> different work), as well as the summary of contents:
> Author:    Kronland, Johann Marcus Marci von,
> 1595-1667
> Uniform title:    Philosophia vetus restituta
> Title:    Johannis Marci Marci a Kronland ...
> Philosophia vetus restituta

That's the one.

> Other Titles:    Philosophia vetus restituta
> Publisher:    Francofurti ; Lipsiae : sumptibus
> Christian Weidmanni, 1676.

Well, since 'Francofurti' is right round the
corner from here, I should be in a good position
to browse a copy. I can think of several candidate

Admittedly, my first interlibrary search on the www
failed, but I must have done something wrong since
it did not even turn up the one Marci book that is
here in Darmstadt and which I browsed many many
years ago.
I'll keep you informed,

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