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VMs: Baresch, Marci & (G.A.) Kinner

--- "Rafal T. Prinke" <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It would really be most interesting what is actually
> written there. If the phrase 'rerum chemicarum
> peritissimus' is used in *both* the book and 
> Marci's letter, then we are again faced with a
> possibility of fraud, especially
> in the light of what Servit says about his
> uncertainty if the letter was written by Marci
> in his own hand, as he suggests his sight and
> mental capabilities were seriously weakened at
> that time. 

Maybe it was just Marci's favourite epithet for
Baresch... I'll check my history stuff at home.

> > > >    It seems to indicate that Baresch had
> > > > already died by 1662.

> [...] this is my conclusion *if* Marci says in his
> 1662 book that he had inherited Bares's library.
> That's why checking page 280 in _Philosophia vetus
> restituta_  would be so important.


> > > > G. A. Kinner
> > > > to Athanasius Kircher of 5 January 1667
> (Carteggio Kircher,
> > > > Roma, VIII, fol. 150), it was probably in
> 1666."

This letter has a real gem!!! (Thanks Gabriel
for sending the link).

Kinner writes (in 1667) that Marci had been asking
if the 'Oedipus' (i.e. Kircher) had already
succeeded in deciphering that mysterious
book which he had sent to Kicher the year before
(i.e. 1666) via a (or the) provincial father.
There's a bit more which I cannot read.

This tells me two things:
1) The year number in the Marci letter should read 
   1666, not 1665
2) The possibility of a fraud is now even more 

I cannot see any mention of Baresch.

Good stuff, thanks to Rafal,


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