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VMs: Re: Fwd: failure delivery

Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> Second time I did this ....

Now it worked :-)

> > studied it. If Baresch is mentioned in the above
> > well-known book of Marci, it changes the picture.
> >
> > >    Perhaps there is a copy in the British Library or other
> > >    available to someone - it is just a matter of checking
> > >    page 280 (alternatively, a copy can be bought on-line
> > >    at US$ 4,800)?
> >
> > There are plenty copies of this book still around,
> > I am sure.

It would really be most interesting what is actually written
there. If the phrase 'rerum chemicarum peritissimus' is
used in *both* the book and Marci's letter, then we are
again faced with a possibility of fraud, especially
in the light of what Servit says about his uncertainty
if the letter was written by Marci in his own hand, as
he suggests his sight and mental capabilities were
seriously weakened at that time. 

> > >    It seems to indicate that Baresch had already
> > > died by 1662.
> >
> > Did you get this also from Servit?

No - this is my conclusion *if* Marci says in his
1662 book that he had inherited Bares's library.
That's why checking page 280 in _Philosophia vetus restituta_
would be so important.

> > > G. A. Kinner
> > > to Athanasius Kircher of 5 January 1667 (Carteggio Kircher,
> > > Roma, VIII, fol. 150), it was probably in 1666."

> > I'm pretty sure that Newbold had not had access
> > to the Kircher carteggio. So who has seen this
> > letter by Kinner such that Servit could write about it?
> > John Fletcher, probably, but how could I have
> > missed it???

Servit certainly examined the Carteggio himself, as he quotes
a great number of other letters. It also seems from his
remarks on the VMS letter that he had seen this one, too.

> > > I can't remember if we have the above letter by Kinner?
> >
> > This can (and must)  be found.

Oh! So this will be a new piece of the puzzle - wow!

> > So Servit probably saw the letters himself...
> > I wonder if he is still around and willing to
> > answer some well-phrased questions from
> > a volunteer who speaks Czech.

I don't know. Maybe Jan Hajic could kindly help with this?

> > Marci writes about his eye poblem in other
> > letters too. I had not heard about his memory
> > problem.

... which might be important for our speculations.

> > I would agree, both about the handwriting and
> > about the need for an expert. The one question about
> > the Marci letter in the VMs is that the year number is
> > 1665 overwritten to become 1666 (or vice versa).
> > Could this be evidence of Marci's memory problem ??

Difficult to say. It may be just a mistake. I think
the crucial thing (besides the graphological analysis)
would be to see what Kinner writes in his letter
and if page 280 in _Philosophia vetus restituta_ uses
the same phrase(s) as in the VMS letter.

Best regards,