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VMs: f67r1-r2 - unusual double day/night marks

Bernadette Brady, Australian author of "Study Guide to Medieval and Ancient
Astrology", on f67r1-r2:

> Dear Luis,
> The drawings on the left, seems to be some day/night rulership of hours, and
> that on the right is rulership of signs except the image on the right as two
> nocturnal marks, next to two diurnal marks.. which does not make sense.
> There are also a division of the 360 degrees of the zodiac around the outer
> rim of the image on the right, which could be Terms of some kind -However to
> my eye it looks like a grimoire of an alchemical nature dealing with the
> rulerships of day and night.

Each planet has special affinity to one or more signs, which is called its
'rulership', and the order of the motion of the planets determines their
rulership of signs:


On the other hand, a rulership of hours would be useful, among other things,
" to select the appropriate time for your spell", according to the Wicca -
here is an example of a rulership of hours: