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VMs: Re: Nice VMs article :-)

--- Petr Kazil <kazil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rene Zandbergen is featured prominently in the
> latest issue of the Dutch
> children's science magazine "Kijk". 
> [rest snipped]

Most of the description sounds OK. There actually
was a reporter here, but he never took any notes.
I was a bit worried there.... His main problem
seems to have been not having any photo material.
I pointed him to the Beinecke web site and various
other sites.

I am a bit worried about the Mickey Mouse picture,
or rather the context in which it appeared.
I remember the true purpose of the picture,
and certainly the journalist could not have known.

My family will send me a copy. A Dutch national
newspaper recently published a translation of the
'New Scientist' article, and they caught that one

Cheers, Rene 

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