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VMs: Nice VMs article :-)

Rene Zandbergen is featured prominently in the latest issue of the Dutch
children's science magazine "Kijk". It has 4 pages on the VMs (the rest is
about Afghanistan, speedboats, armoured cars, astronauts, casino's, bears,
Ali-G and penises).

It's a very well written article giving most of the known facts and
speculations: Bacon, Newbold, Petersen, Stolfi's chinese theory, and the
impossibility of C14 dating. And it explicitly mentions and debunks some
weird theories about the VMs:

- written by Voynch himself
- Hitler's secret diaries
- the first written language on earth
- Francis Bacon
- aliens ...

It also shows three pages from the Beinecke website.

But I especially liked the (fake) reproduction of the Mickey Mouse Voynich
page - showing a circular design with Mickey Mouse in the middle, surrounded
by two rings of fat naked women and several lines of Voynich characters.
I'll try to scan and post them next week :-)

Petr Kazil - Urban Adventure in Rotterdam