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VMs: Mickey Mouse in the VMS

    > [P. Kazil:] But I especially liked the (fake) reproduction of
    > the Mickey Mouse Voynich page - showing a circular design with
    > Mickey Mouse in the middle, surrounded by two rings of fat naked
    > women and several lines of Voynich characters. I'll try to scan
    > and post them next week :-)

Ahem, that must be one of the lost VMS pages which I managed to
recreate through mediunic psychography 8-), back in 2001 or so:

  Outlines: India ink and Pelikan red ink mixture, applied with fountain pen.
  Fill-in: colored pencils, liquid-ink ball-points.
  Medium: yellow-tinted paper with margarine smudges.
In case you care, here are higher-resolution versions, in Unix
PPM/compress format (about 2.5 MB each):


Believe it or not, these drawings actually had a serious technical purpose...

All the best,