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VMs: Re: Mickey Mouse in the VMS


Yep, that's it. I was surprised that someone from the magazine would go to
this length to make a joke about the VMs. Now that I looked better I saw
that they had hidden a reference to your drawings in the margin:

"Even with all this puzzling and deep thought the Brazilian researcher Jorge
Stolfi has retained his sense of humour. He made these parodies on the
astrological parts of the book." BTW - I didn't realize that you were
Brazilian until I read this article :-)

According to them 600 ducats should be 17.000 euro. That's more than I paid
for my car (Skoda Fabia).

> Believe it or not, these drawings actually had a serious technical

Let me guess. You tried to discover how long it took to make one VMs page
and to make an estimate of the time that was necessary for writing the whole
manuscript? What were your results?