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VMs: Re: On the multiple religious meanings of stars in circles

Also please note f72v3, small cross on the crown worn by a nymph at the top
of the outer circle (libra)... apparently these ornamental were not uncommon
among noble ladies in Northern Italy during the early 15th century,... a few

I wonder what Julie thinks about it - would there a more specific
name/period/location for such items?

Au contraire, tiaras seem to have been rare - there appears to be a large gap in their history between the Romans and the 19th Century... so maybe this is more significant than we think. :-)

Also: grep can't pick out any obvious reference to them in the VMS archives, so we should be on reasonably fertile ground here. :-)

Incidentally, has anyone read:-

Title: Fashions in Hair. The first five thousand years. [With illustrations.]
Main heading: CORSON. Richard
Publication details: pp. 701. Peter Owen: London, 1965. 8o.
Shelfmark: X.441/272

There's also a New York (Hastings House) edition from the same year.