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VMs: Re: Random discoveries in the library (Liber Floridus)

I have added several interesting results from my searches in the Dutch Royal
Library. Slowly I'm finding my way around their huge collections. It's not
spectacular what I've found but I think there are some interesting
footnotes. Let's call them "near misses" - they don't look too much like the
VMs but there is some similarity.

Nice work.

The full set including long text is here:

1) A set of interesting (metrological / mathematical ?) characters from the
Liber Floridus. At first sight I thought I had found some characters from
one of the VMs rosettes but on close scrutiny I found only three common


I think these are fairly clearly Arabic numerals:

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

The words underneath are not Latin. 'Zemenias', 'quimas' and
'arbas' look like 'shemona', 'homesh' and 'arba' in Hebrew. I
can't remember the Arabic words off the top of my head but I know
they are similar. Intriguing, anyhow.

Philip Neal

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