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VMs: Variations on the number of pages

For the trivia collection, here's a fresh sample of our multiple
(contradictory) versions about the number of VMS pages:

Mik Clarke:

³The manuscipt contains over 300 pages.²

Yvette Lopez:

³It contained nearly 300 pages written in heavy black ink on vellum.²

Dennis Stallings:
³In 1912, Wilfrid M. Voynich (a book collector) bought a medieval manuscript
(235 pages)²

Rene Zandbergen:

³Among these was a lavishly illustrated manuscript codex of 234 pages?²

Museum of hoaxes: 

³It is approximately 240 pages long?²

Jan  Hurych:

³The manuscript has a size of 6 by 9 inches, with 204 pages and 28 others
are presumably lost.²

John Baez: 

³The Voynich manuscript is by far the most mysterious of all texts. It is
seven by ten inches in size, and about 200 pages long.²

Mini-Faq (Bruce Grant):

³This manuscript, which has been called "the most mysterious manuscript in
the world", is a quarto volume of about 170 pages?²

H. P. Kraus Catalog:

³102 leaves (of 116; lacks 14 leaves), including 7 double folio folding
leaves.; 3 triple folio folding leaves; and one quadruple folio folding

Suko¹s clarification:

For some very strange reason the actual length of the manuscript is debated.
Some researchers assess that it is 200 pages, while others consider it to be
only 170 pages in length. Part of the disagreement is largely due to two
points of view.  One point of view suggests some believe it is an incomplete
document, and evidence suggests several pages have disappeared over the
years. Therefore, it is impossible to say with any certainty how long the
manuscript may be. The other point of view suggests it is constructed in a
"folio" style with certain pages folding multiple times into the book, and
that when opened, they prove to be up to six times the size of other pages
in the manuscript.