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VMs: Opicinus and the VMS

Professor Harding from Victoria University, BC, on Opicinus and the VMS
zodiac iconography (she's the author of "Opening to God: the Cosmographical
Diagrams of Opicinus de Canistris," Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte, 61,
1998, pp. 18-39):

> I know that Michael Camille told another
> scholar that the image of the sun as a face in some of Opicinus's drawings
> reminded him of eastern or Oriental mss., but he didn't specify which
> manuscript or imagery in particular that connected the work. There is
> nothing in Opicinus quite like that. For one thing, he doesn't usually use
> those colours of ink, just the brown, green and red continuum. Fascinating
> problem.

Personally, I think there is just as much fun and reward in divulging
information that may facilitate others to break our ever elusive sphinx [as
in trying to solve the now globalized puzzle oneself]...