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VMs: Re: VMS rant


The whole matter has had an interesting evolution since then, I think. But
this article helps us understand the embarrassment at the time, and explains
the wariness/allergy against clever hoaxes on the post-controversy years. Of
course - as usual - one might be totally wrong about the importance of that
particular event in Beinecke's attitude on the VMS today. Oh well.

By the way, Petr, thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work - it's always
very interesting to read your postings and follow up on your research.

On your point:

> But when I see that I've been
> re-inventing the wheel then clearly I am wasting our time. This is slightly
> frustrating and if possible I would like to avoid this. So "directions" are
> welcome ...

I interpret this as a call for 'old-timers' to provide a revised set of
suggested threads to be pursued  (something like D'Imperio's Avenues), some
kind of guideline for efforts that could be carried out by 'newbies' or
anyone interested. Solid coordination is always welcomed by volunteers.

A special message on 'Avenues' from each one of those list members would
probably be appreciated by all - leadership is in demand.