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VMs: Re: VMS rant

Dear all,

unfortunately, I've not seen the mail that triggered
this discussion.

The problem about reinventing the wheel is a
known one. I started my web pages exactly
in order to reduce this frustration for
'newcomers' but of course it is too much work 
to be done properly. 
Another problem is that this list is not really
a coordinated group with a common attack on the
VMs. There is no leadership of any nature,
and people who have been very active and 
'visible' for some time may quiet down at some
later time (I think this is really typical).

Everybody has his own hobby horse, not necessarily
a theory, but a feeling in which direction some
progress could be made. It has been very difficult
in the past to get real discussions going
(sometimes it did happen, mind you). Much of the
list traffic is one-way: in, with not much
response coming back.

> > But when I see that I've been
> > re-inventing the wheel then clearly I am wasting
> our time. This is slightly
> > frustrating and if possible I would like to avoid
> this. So "directions" are
> > welcome ...

Don't get frustrated. I'm sure that the hours
spent in the libraries have been fascinating,
even if the original hope of finding some new
clue about the VMs may not have come true.

> I interpret this as a call for 'old-timers' to
> provide a revised set of
> suggested threads to be pursued  

I can only think of one thing: stick to ones
speciality. If that is numbercrunching, then
starting to delve into botanical books is not
likely to be productive. If one is a trained
historian, then probably attacking the entropy
question is not likely to be successful. But, hey,
stranger things have happened...

At the same time: do something you like. 

Probably not the reply hoped for, but it is
what I really think.

Cheers, Rene

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