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VMs: Re: VMS rant

Hi all :-) 

 From the Bottom of rungs of the intellectual "community",(me), I
 agree with a group (wiki?/SOMETHING?) created "dictionary" or
 "Voynopaedia." I don't think my computer skills are up to it.. 

But hey - what do I know? (except "The TIME IS NOW!").. after I got
into THIS I have seen three "different" exposers of the mere term
"PickNick Table" (to which I Added Folded (START char, or #1 Fold)).

per nick pelling (snipped a bit)

 Hi everyone,
 My two (euro) cents' worth [*]:
 Ciphers and codes serve two practical functions:
 (1) to exclude outsiders
 (2) in include insiders
 However, I think it's important to understand that this inclusion and 
 exclusion is not just *technological* but also *social* - only members of 
 our gang know the secret password (etc).
 When discussing the VMS, the words and terminology we casually throw around -
 	gallows characters, maiolica, kabbalah, almanacke, astrological
 	determinism, entropy, merlons, demilunes, matrix, albarelli,
 	inverse spiral, Dioscorides, finials, zodiac man, uroscopy,
 	volvelles, vinci, nymphs, filaretian, (need I go on?)
 - form a dense codebook that I'm sure can be quite intimidating to 
 outsiders (and indeed probably to more insiders and lurkers than would be 
 willing to openly admit it).
 And beneath all of these writhing details and parallels is a single, 
 primary source, whose contents seem to perpetually balance on a razor-thin 
 edge between signal and noise, between sense and nonsense, between real and 

 ....mini-encyclopaedia ("Voynopaedia"?) that we can grow.
 [*] ...a little less than two (US) cents last time I looked. :-)
 [end snip]......
Best to all :-)
steve (yea, low man here on the totem pole) ekwall :-\

maybe it's a "bottom-UP" thing? - flowers to stars?
lincoln? / euro? just my 2 cents TOO!